The project management and secretariat is hosted by:

Centre for Environment and Development (CED)

Collaborating Partners (confirmed members):

Climate Sustainability PLATFORM (CSP)

Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future (SF)

Northern Alliance for Sustainability (ANPED)

The Widening Circle (TWC)

South Asian Women’s Network (SWAN)

Millennium Consumption Goals Initiative (MCGI)

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Extension

Munasinghe Institute for Development (MIND)

Initiative for Equality (IfE)

Tellus Institute (TELLUS)

Green Liberty (GL)

Integrative Strategies Forum (ISF)

IBON Foundation (IBON)

Susila Dharma International (SDI)

Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN)

Vitae Civilis (VC)

Earth Charter International (ECI)

The Pachamama Alliance (TPA)

The Copernicus Alliance (TCA)

Development Sans Frontieres (DSF)

Kenya Youth Network for Rio+20 and Beyond (KYN)

Earth Law Center (ELC)

Center for Ecozoic Societies (CES)

The Centre for Ethics and Value Inquiry (CEVI)

International Journey on Envirnmental Education (IJEE)

Global Alliance for Rights of Nature (GARN)


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