International Advisory Board:

Mr. Uchita de Zoysa (Centre for Environment & Development) – Lead Facilitator

Mr. Felix Dodds (Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future)

Dr. Paul Raskin (Tellus Institute)

Dr. Sylvia Lorek (Sustainable Europe Research Institute)

Prof. Mohan Munasinghe (Munasinghe Institute for Development)

Prof. Veena Sikri (South Asian Women’s Network)

Dr. Faiz Shah (Asian Institute for Technology – Extension)

Dr. Ashvani Vasishth (Ramapo College)

Ms. Leida Rijnhout (Northern Alliance for Sustainability)

Dr. Deborah Rogers (Initiative for Equality)

Dr. Janis Brizga ( Green Liberty)

Mr. Jefferey Barber (Integrative Strategies Forum)

Dr. Ashish Kothari (Kalpavriksh)

Mr. Aron Belnky (Vitae Civilis)

Mr.Rick Clugston (Earth Charter International)

Mr. Jonathan Love (The Pachamama Alliance)

Dr. Philip Vergragt (Sustainable Consumption Research and. Action Initiative)

Mr. Paul Quintos (IBON International)

Prof. Daniella Tilbury (The Copernicus Alliance)

Mr. Lalanath de Silva (World Resources Institute)

Dr. Christine von Wiezsacker (Ecoropa)

Mr. Kassem ElSaddik (Developpement Sans Frontieres)

Media & Advocacy Group (MAG)

Attoney Ms. Linda Sheehan (Earth Law Centre)

Mr. Paul Quintos (IBON International)

Mr. Rob Wheeler (World Transforming Initiatives )

Mr. Farouk Ulla (Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future)

Editorial Review & Declaration Committee

Dr. Tariq Banuri

Dr. Paul Ruskin

Dr. Ashvani Vasishth

Mr. Uchita de Zoysa


Attorney Mrs. Shani Weerasena (for Centre for Environment and Development)

Mr. Harsha Ratnaweera (for Global Sustainability Solutions)

Ms. Jeannet Lingan (for Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future)

Mr. Orion Kriegman (for Tellus Institute)


Ms. Marina Kalsson – Sweden

Ms. Malu Freitas – Brazil

Mr. Colin English – USA

Paul Wanjohi Mugo – Kenya


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